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Wednesday, April 08 2020 @ 02:19 am UTC

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Health minister Zweli Mkhize can be seen during a press briefing on updates on the coronavirus in South Africa at the Civitas building is Pretoria CBD, 9 March 2020. Photo: Jacques Nelles
NATIONAL NEWS - Health Minister Zweli Mkhize announced on Monday that South Africa now has 402 confirmed cases of Covid-19, an increase of 128 from yesterday’s announcement.

The Northern Cape now has its first confirmed cases.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation tonight on measures to be undertaken to mitigate the impact.

“We will thereafter engage the public to give further details and explanations on the results including the significant rise, the ongoing testing processes, each province’s progress on contact tracing efforts,” said Mkhize.

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Good Advice from Discovery Health regarding Covid-19

- GLOBAL NEWSGood Advice from Discovery Health regarding Covid-19

The next two months will be critical. We will remember them for the rest of our lives. I would like to offer a few pieces of information, under the burden of my professional capacity as a statistician who is working in crisis modeling and simulation, and the additional burden of the dearth of data that we have for this new virus.
Our best current estimate of the mortality rate of Covid-19 is around 1%, with a range of 0.5%-2% (source in the first comment). This differs from the so-called snapshot CFR which is obtained by dividing the number of deaths by the number of confirmed cases, and which varies in the range of 2%-5% or more per region. The snapshot CFR is factually accurate, but not very predictive, so let's run with 1% as a median expectation. This is still at least 20 times worse than the flu. The belief that "the flu kills more people every year" will soon be proven wrong. The related belief that "maybe most of us have caught it already and didn't realise" is also unlikely to be proven right: the virus is indeed mild in about 80% of cases, but, conservatively, for every 95 mild cases, at least 5 additional severe cases would have been admitted to hospital, and hence tested, and hence become known. Although we are extremely uncertain about the absolute number of mild cases, we have good evidence that the majority of the population has not yet fallen ill, and, as a result, the worse is yet to come. The virus is probably twice more contagious than the flu, and almost certainly contagious before symptoms appear.

Read More......! Click below....!

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Since 27 February, 0mm rain has fallen and the demand / usage is 31.692 megalitres.

GEORGE NEWS - The Garden Route Dam's level has dropped slightly from 96.73% (down from 98.61%). Since 27 February, 0mm rain has fallen and the demand / usage is 31.692 megalitres.

(Please note the Garden Route Dam must be recalibrated by the Department of Water Affairs following the raising of the spillway and dam wall. Until this process has been completed all readings are based on the previous spillway and dam wall height.)

The George-muninicipality also reminds residents and visitors that section 2B water restrictions still apply in the city and surrounds.

That means:

• Handheld watering of gardens using a hose using municipal water: even-numbered households Mondays and Thursdays, 7pm-9pm (summer) and 3pm-5pm (winter) AND uneven-numbered households Tuesdays and Fridays, 7pm-9pm (summer) and 3pm-5pm (winter)

• Mechanical irrigation of gardens (sprayers) using municipal water is prohibited.

• Watering sports fields using municipal water is prohibited, except for golf course greens, bowling greens and cricket pitches, daily 7pm-9pm (summer) and 3pm-5pm (winter).

• Filling up of swimming pools using municipal water is prohibited.

• Washing cars with a hose using municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed, rainwater encouraged), except for commercial car washes.

• Cleaning of outside surfaces using a hosepipe with municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed, rainwater encouraged).

• “OWN WATER” signage must be displayed where applicable and must be proven on request by municipal officials.

• Applications for exemption of some restrictions may be considered on merit.

Report water leaks and burst pipes to 044 801 9262 or after hours at 044 801 6300, as soon as you notice them.

Report contraventions of water restrictions on 0800 424 277. Fines may apply.


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Baie sterkte aan Jacques Matthee en sy span...na die ontwrigting van die brand in Desember 2018 is julle weer terug.

Mense ek het met 'n glimlag vanaand daar gaan inkopies doen...die voorraad kom nog stuk stuk aan...maar hulle pryse laat klaar die groot handelsname beskaamd staan.

Ondersteun hierdie ikoon winkel van George


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Please join us for great A C T I V E Networking every Thursday morning at 10h00. This is your opportunity to free marketing and to introduce your Company and Product. We would love to meet you.


You might find it strange that we would want to Network at AVBOB, but as with all businesses AVBOB also needs marketing. We at “friends” find that very few people know about the history and products that AVBOB offer. After all AVBOB is the oldest funeral services in the country.


Social & Community Development

Please come and meet with the George Municipality Social & Community Development team while we "Buzz over Coffee" Come and market your company and product.

Kind Regards


076 135 5955

________________________end ___

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GEORGE NUUS - Padwoede blyk die motief te wees vir 'n voorval waarin 'n man en sy meisie na bewering verlede Saterdag 'n lesbiese paartjie in Hoogstraat aangerand het.

Die paartjie, wat verkies om anoniem te bly, sê hulle was Saterdag 22 Februarie omstreeks 22:00, op pad huis toe uit die middedorp toe 'n man en 'n vrou in 'n donkergroen voertuig, blykbaar 'n Hyundai Elantra, hulle in Hoogstraat aangerand het.

"Ons het in Hoogstraat afgedraai toe die kar ons verbysteek en skielik voor ons stop. Ons kon nie vinnig genoeg stop nie en het die Elantra liggies getref," vertel sy.

Die man en sy meisie, wat volgens die slagoffers onder die invloed van drank was, het uit die kar geklim en die vroue verskree.

Volgens hulle het die vrou die Elantra bestuur en kort voor die aanranding byna 'n ongeluk veroorsaak toe sy hulle in Hoopstraat probeer verbysteek het.

"In Hoogstraat het my verloofde uit die kar geklim. Daar was 'n konfrontasie en die man het haar begin slaan. Voor ek kon keer, het sy meisie my aan die hare beetgekry en was hy besig om my verloofde pap te slaan. Ek het weggekom en my broer probeer bel, maar die man het my gesien en my en die foon op die grond neergegooi. Hy het my geskop en geskree 'ek is moeg vir julle lesbians!' Toe hy my los om weer my verloofde aan te rand, het sy meisie my met die selfoon in die gesig gegooi."

Die bebloede selfoon waarmee die slagoffer klaarblyklik teen die kop gegooi is.

Volgens die slagoffers het al die rumoer mense gelok en toe die man en vrou die omstanders sien, het hulle die hasepad gekies.

George-polisie se kommunikasiebeampte, kapt. Nolonwabo Tshengu, het bevestig dat 'n klag van ernstige aanranding by die polisie aangemeld is, maar dat niemand nog in hegtenis geneem is nie.

Wyksraadslid, Sean Snyman, wat van die voorval te hore gekom het, het dit as onaanvaarbaar beskryf.

"Ek voel dat ons die saak dringend moet ondersoek. Indien iemand skuldig bevind word, verwag ek dat 'n sterk boodskap uitgestuur sal word deur die maksimum vonnis op te lê. Dit is onaanvaarbaar dat 'n man onder enige omstandighede sy hand vir 'n vrou lig," sê hy.

*Die ander slagoffer het verkies om nie foto's van haar beserings aan die George Herald te stuur nie.

Die slagoffer het steke ontvang na sy met 'n selfoon teen die kop gegooi is.

Dadelik na die voorval het die meisies mediese hulp by die hospitaal gesoek.

Road rage appears to be the motive for an incident in which a man and his girlfriend allegedly assaulted a lesbian couple last Saturday in High Street. The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, were on their way home after supper in the CBD on Saturday 22 February when a dark green vehicle, apparently a Hyundai Elantra, tried to overtake them shortly before the circle in Hope Street and almost collided with an oncoming car. When the girls turned left at the circle into High Street, the Elantra apparently overtook them and stopped in front of them after which the assault started.

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BUZZ'ing it up with the"friendsofgeorge

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Trafficking in persons is a global crime trend where children, women and men are taken from their own countries or areas to a destination country or destination area by force or by being pressurised or tricked into a situation to be exploited.

NATIONAL NEWS - Trafficking in persons is a global crime trend where children, women and men are taken from their own countries or areas, to a destination country or destination area by force or by being pressurised or tricked into a situation to be exploited.

Who can become a victim of trafficking in persons?

Any person can become a victim- children, adults, males and females.

How are the victims of trafficking in persons, exploited?
Sex trafficking, which includes anything within the sex industry (prostitution, pornography, stripping or exotic dancing, touch-and-peep shows, and escort services) that is forced.

Trafficking for non-commercial sex purposes, which may include early marriage, forced marriage, arranged marriage, compensation marriage, transactional marriage, temporary marriage or marriage for childbearing.

Maternity trafficking forced impregnation with the intent to exploit or sell the child once he or she is born.

Illegal adoptions with the intent to exploit or sell the child.

Forced labour and child labour, which may include domestic servitude, sweatshops, agricultural labour, construction labour or enforced enrolment in an armed force.

Organ and body part trafficking, which is the forced removal and illegal sale of organs and body parts.

Forced begging and participation in criminal activities.

Why do the victims of trafficking in persons remain in their situation?
Physical entrapment- the victims are physically trapped by restricting their movement, taking their documents and money.

Psychological and emotional entrapment- intimidation through violence and fear; intimidation through shame, threats of arrest, deportation and imprisonment; blackmailing the victim’s family members; starvation, degradation and isolation.

Warning signs of victims of trafficking in persons:
Since trafficking in persons is often a crime that is hidden in plain sight, it is important to be aware of its warning signs. Some indications that a person may be a victim of trafficking in person include:

Appearing malnourished.

Showing signs of physical injuries and abuse.
Avoiding eye contact, social interaction, and authority figures/law enforcement.

Seeming to adhere to scripted or rehearsed responses in social interaction.

Seeming to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol with a person appearing to control where they go and which answers for them, not allowing them to speak for themselves.

Lacking official identification documents.
Appearing destitute/lacking personal possessions.

Security measures that appear to keep people inside an establishment- barbed wire inside of a fence, bars covering the insides of windows,

Not allowing people to go into public alone, or speak for themselves.

Does South Africa have legislation regarding trafficking in persons?
Yes. The Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act, 2013 (Act No 7 of 2013) (hereafter referred to as ’the Act’) came into effect on August 9, 2015. The act makes trafficking in persons, as well as other offences associated with trafficking in persons, criminal offences.

______________________________________________________________end ______

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For the first time in years, the property market is all about buyers. It is an excellent time to buy with plenty of stock, a reduced interest rate and record-high home loan approvals, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.

Whether experienced or a novice, the buying process has become far more complex than ever before.

It can be daunting, but not if you follow these ten easy steps:

Step 1: Know how much you can buy for - this will allow you to know exactly how much you qualify for. It's best to do this before you start your house hunting. Your bank or a mortgage originator can assist. You'll need a good credit record and stable income.

Generally, your monthly bond repayment should not exceed one third of your income. If you're married or in a partnership, you can combine your incomes to assist with affordability.

Step 2: Be ready for a deposit down-payment. Although first-time buyers can qualify for home loans of up to 105%, you may need a cash deposit of 10% to 15% as security. It is always advisable to invest a deposit if you can, as it brings down your monthly payments and creates an equity buffer.

Step 3: Cash needed for costs. You will need to pay transfer duty to Sars on all purchases above R900 000, plus conveyancing and bond registration costs for the transfer process. While there is no transfer duty, a R900 000 purchase would still require costs of around R52 500.

Don't forget to also budget for moving costs to get you settled in your new home.

Step 4: Prep the paperwork. An extensive set of paperwork is required, including certified copies of your identity document/s, marriage certificate and prenuptial contract (if applicable), plus the last three months' payslips and three to six months' current bank statements, stamped by the bank.

Step 5: Know where you want to live. Consider the type of property you need, such as a flat versus a house, and then the potential areas where you could buy. Check for price ranges in the area, access to amenities, traffic and transport availability and crime stats.

An active community and neighbourhood watch are plus factors for a neighbourhood.

Step 6: Online house hunting is a breeze. There is a host of places to look, from property portals (Property 24, Private Property and Property 360) to agency websites and property supplements. Digital technology means you can view a series of photographs and often a virtual tour before setting up viewings. Communicating with agents is also so easy these days with cellphones and messaging.

Step 7: Put your best offer forward. First, do a thorough inspection of the property for structural faults and obvious maintenance issues. Once satisfied, put your best offer forward. The agent will advise whether your price is in the acceptable range and be prepared to present a counter-offer should the seller reject it.

Step 8: Offer accepted - time to get a bond. An offer to purchase is a legally binding contract and once accepted, you need to fulfil the conditions, such as securing a home loan. The agent will assist with the loan application (with the help of a mortgage originator) or you can attend to that yourself.

You will now need your first set of documents (ID, marriage documents and three to six months' bank statements). Once the bond is approved, the transaction can move forward.

Step 9: Now the attorneys take over to get the transfer of ownership underway. The seller appoints the conveyancing attorney and the bank the bond registration attorney. You will need a full set of documents (ID, marriage etc.) along with the deposit, if applicable, and transaction costs which must be paid to the conveyancing attorney.

The conveyancer will prepare all the documents and make the necessary payments to obtain the rates and service clearance certificates (electricity, plumbing / water etc.). The conveyancer will then lodge the documents in the local deeds office where they will be inspected and if approved, the transfer will be registered.

Step 10: Transfer is registered; you can finally move in! It can take up to three months for registration of the transfer into the buyer's name, giving you time to prepare for the move. The conveyancer will advise once the transfer is registered.

If you are a cash buyer, the title deed will be sent to you; alternatively, to the bank if you have a mortgage loan. Once the transfer is registered your bond repayments will commence. Occupation is usually upon registration of transfer.

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Extreme heat is expected over the northern parts of the Western Cape today and over the Central and Little Karoo tomorrow (Wednesday).
WESTERN CAPE | KAROO NEWS - A severe weather alert has been issued by the Cape Town Weather Office.

Extreme heat is expected over northern parts of the Western Cape today (Tuesday) and over the Central and Little Karoo tomorrow (Wednesday).

Whenever there are prolonged periods of little or no rain coupled with warm dry winds, veld or bush fires can easily be sparked and will spread rapidly in strong winds.

Precautions: Dangerous veld/bush fire conditions

Don’t make fires in the open and/or leave fires unattended.
Don’t throw cigarette butts out of cars or in the open veld.
Don’t throw bottles in the veld as they can magnify the sun’s rays and start fires.
Prepare and maintain fire breaks in a controlled manner. In the case of a large fire report it immediately and move away from the area to let the professionals deal with it.
Never throw water onto a fire started by an electrical fault or fires started by oil or paraffin lamps. In this case sand or a blanket should be used to smother the fire.
Listen to the radio or TV for warnings and obey the instructions from disaster management officers.

Description: Extremely high temperatures

When temperature and the humidity is high at the same time or when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, humans' ability to cool their bodies through sweating is reduced.

This can be a real threat that leads to hyperthermia.

Precautions: Extremely high temperatures
Stay indoors in a cool room near a fan if possible. The old and infirm must take extra care to stay hydrated and cool. Avoid strenuous outdoor activity, playing excessive sport and hard labour.

Dress in light weight clothes and drink plenty of liquids; alcohol.

No strenuous outdoor activity is advised.

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Depression has become a major issue among especially business owners. friendsofgeorge has arranged for a 1 hour free workshop on 13 Feb 2020 at 15h00 for 15h30 on Thursday at 9 Rand St George Industria. Should you like to help someone in your social surrounding or maybe a friend or family who suffers from depression then you need to get involved.

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Buzzing with the friendsofgeorge

- NETWORKING-friendsofgeorge- your invitation to: "BUZZ OVER COFFEE"

...with the "friends" on Thursday 13 FEB 2020. Feel free to come and market your company and product at no cost at all. We will feed you coffee and cookies. Come as a guest and leave as a "friend"...!


THE VENUE : TOUW MEUBELS - 108 FICHAT ST - GEORGE INDUSTRIA (Please note - Fichat St on the Industrial side of the railway line.)

Date: Thursday 13 Feb 2020 Time: 09h45 for 10h00

Thank You

Kind Regards




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Buzz over Coffee at Texas Grill.


"BUZZ OVER COFFEE" With the -friendsofgeorge- Please join the "friends" on Thursday 30 Jan 2020 at 10h00 for a great opportunity to freely market your company and product. This is an A C T I V E Network for you to exhibit or tell us about your product...! It's FREE!!!. We wil be at

TEXAS GRILL STEAKHOUSE on Thursday 30 Jan 2020 in Meade Street. 10h00. Come and meet Steve and Lilly Pawson, new owners of the TEXAS GRILL STEAKHOUSE and new to GEORGE.

We will feed you coffee...! Looking forward to meet you...!

Kind Regards



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It’s easier than you think. The most important factor is in your control.

Start as early as possible. Save as much as you can.
BUSINESS NEWS - Investing is often presented as something complicated. Trying to make sense of the range of products available, the different asset classes, and the relationship between risk and return can be daunting to a lot of people.

In reality, however, the basic principles are extremely simple:

Start as early as possible. Save as much as you can. Be patient, and let time work in your favour.

To illustrate this, Morningstar put together some data on what it takes to save your way to R1 million. Using different monthly contributions and rates of return, it calculated how long it would take an investor to become a millionaire.

Show me the money
“The analysis used a range of return outcomes varying from the current return investors can achieve by putting their money in a bank account up to a maximum of 17% per annum,” explains Victoria Reuvers, senior portfolio manager at Morningstar Investment Management.

“Realistically, many investments can deliver higher returns in short periods of time, but 17% per annum was considered a large annual return and a prudent maximum, as delivering such a strong outcome would require some meaningful risk-taking.”

The findings are presented in the table below.

The first thing to note from this analysis is that even at just R200 a month, and at the lowest rate of return, it is possible to become a millionaire within the average South African’s lifespan. It would take just under 63 years to get there, which is almost exactly equivalent to the country’s current life expectancy.

These numbers are even more powerful if one uses the return an investor could reasonably expect from a local balanced fund. It is fair to assume that these unit trusts can deliver a 10% return per year over the long term.

If someone contributes just R500 per month and receives that rate of return, it would take less than 30 years for them to become a millionaire. That is well within a normal working lifetime.

This shows that at an undemanding monthly contribution and at an extremely realistic potential rate of return, becoming a millionaire is simply a matter of time. If an investor keeps up the monthly contributions and shows the necessary patience, it is well within reach.

Size matters
The second observation is perhaps even more powerful. It is illustrated by the column furthest to the right, which considers what happens when an investor makes contributions of R10 000 per month.

At this contribution rate, it would take just seven years to reach R1 million, even at the measly return of just 5%. But more significant than that is that the higher rates of return do not get you to R1 million exponentially faster.

Doubling the rate of return from 5% to 10% only shaves nine and a half months off the time it takes to become a millionaire. Tripling it to 15% speeds up the process by just one and a half years.

This is something that a lot of investors fail to appreciate. Almost always, the main focus in any investment discussion is on the return. That is what leads to extreme views such as thinking that you have to take all your money offshore, or you should invest in a particular stock or sector because it is the next ‘big thing’.

However, the return you are able to get on your investment is not the most important factor when determining whether or not you reach your goals. If you want to get to R1 million, the surest way of speeding up that process is to save more.

Read: How much you save is more important than the return you get

“Yes, performance is important, particularly when monthly contributions are small,” Reuvers notes. “But what this exercise shows is that, more important than performance, is a consistent contribution and the size of the monthly contribution.”


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