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WHO ARE THE "friendsofgeorge"

friendsofgeorge is a formidable group of people from varying walks of life, from housewives and retired gentry to earnest entrepreneurs and top executives. Our primary objective is to enhance the economic  viability of George by the establishment of a business initiative forum to safe guard our business fraternity. Through frequent networking functions, and an informative and interactive website are we able to connect with one another, supporting each other in our businesses, our social and cultural activities and even day to day living.
Furthermore through friendsofgeorge, we are able to take an active part in addressing social needs in our city with mentoring support groups for young entrepreneurs from the disadvantaged sectors of our community. In addition we are able to support several local charity organizations and are involved with some exciting fund raising projects. We are a group of men and women living in and around George who are proud of our beautiful city with its many faces.

This is our Eden where we work and live, where we bring up our children in a safe and relaxed environment, where people still have time for one another and for others.  We recognize that as citizens of George, we are all custodians of our beautiful city and must take responsibility for our extraordinary heritage.  Collectively through friendsofgeorge, we have the clout and know-how to be an effective part of ensuring the future of our community as well as the protection of our precious natural resources. We are passionate about our city and through friendsofgeorge we are able be an integral part of protecting George's treasure chest of natural beauty, our dams, rivers, beaches, mountains, flora and fauna.
Membership to friendsofgeorge offers you a wealth of benefits.  In the regular networking functions you will have opportunity to meet your fellow Friends and promote and advertise your business: You are able to have a page on our website clearly defining your business: By introducing a new Friend, you will become a Best Buddy¹ and earn commission; You will be able to enjoy discounts at selected shops and restaurants: Participate in fund raising efforts and simply enjoy fun events: Be involved in various community projects and charitable organizations: Become a champion for our city and guard its beauty and resources. Get involved now!


Harcourts - George

Office Incognito - Your office in our space.

Office Incognito

The Cattle Baron

The Cattle Baron in George
Address: Shop 20, Eden Meander Lifestyle Center Next to the Garden Route Mall 118 Park Str, George, 6530, South Africa Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–10PM  Tel 044 887 0505

York Street Liquors

friendsofgeorge - York St Liqours

Amora Photography



EDEN Paints - George

HerbaZone - George

HerbaZone - George

John Dory's George

John Dory's George'
Shop 19 - Eden Meander George - Western Cape -  044 887 0334 John Dory’s is a Family, Seafood, Sushi & Grill. Open 08h00 to 09h30.
Getting out of George
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Buzz over Coffee - Your invitation.

Please join us for " Buzz over Coffee " on Thursday morning at 10h00 as we promote our business and product. It's FREE!

Lunch Special - (12h00 - 14h00)
R50.00 for a BIG Portain

Menu will change every week 13 - 21 Sept 2018


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"Buzz over Coffee"

Please join us on Thursday 13 Sept 2018 at 10h00 for a "Buzz over Coffee" at Eden Paints in Memoriam St. Please come and exhibit your product and market yourself. Our Networking is FREE!. Invite a friends along who needs the FREE marketing. You will be given the opportunity to introduce your company.

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RUGBY NEWS - South Africa are working to improve their consistency and execution after an embarrassing loss to Argentina as they prepare for an intense clash against the Wallabies this weekend.

The Springboks face Australia in a Rugby Championship match in Brisbane on Saturday, determined to bounce back after being hammered 32-19 by the Argentines in Mendoza.

Coach Johan "Rassie" Erasmus said he was ashamed by the defeat after a solid 34-21 win over the South Americans in Durban the week before.

The squad have been trying to fix what went wrong, with a focus on their failure to convert scoring opportunities.

"We felt we played really well in Durban and let ourselves down in Argentina with our execution," assistant coach Matt Proudfoot said in Brisbane.

"So we are looking for the same consistency and to play with the same level of physicality like in Durban.

"Our execution, whether at breakdown or from set piece, needs to improve across the board," he added.

The Springboks face an Australian team hurting after two heavy defeats by New Zealand, and Proudfoot said he was wary of a Wallabies side desperate for a win.

"They will be determined to bounce back and will no doubt be in our faces, so we need to prepare with the same intensity that we can expect from them on Saturday," he said.

"We are in fact two teams looking to bounce back, so I think this game is going to be crucial for both sides, to see how each one responds.

"It will be a tight game played on the advantage line by both sides who will be looking to get on the front foot."

South Africa have recalled hooker Schalk Brits to their squad ahead of livewire Akker van der Merwe, and also handed uncapped Toulouse outside back Cheslin Kolbe a chance.

Kolbe had previously been ignored by national coaches who believed he lacked a Test physique, but Proudfoot said he deserved an opportunity.

"I think he deserves his chance in the group because I think he has really performed well (for Toulouse)," he said, adding that Kolbe "can really create something out of nothing".
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Buzz over Coffee with the "friends"

Please join us on Thursday morning 06 September 2018 at 10h00 for a "Buzz over Coffee" at TOUW MEUBELS. This is your invitation to an absolute free marketing opportunity for you to introduce your Company and Product. Please bring and exhibit your product.

TOUW MEUBELS have been crafting beautifully handmade furniture for more then 50 years in George. Come and meet father, son and son's son, three generations of top woodwork craftsmen. Also come and view the extra ornery collection of old woodwork tools that the Clark family have collected over the years. Truly something to view.

TOUW MEUBELS boast it's own wood drying plant. Every piece of wood used in manufacturing a piece of furniture is handpicked and carefully selected. Come and see how it's done.

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GEORGE NEWS - International ministry leader and award-winning author, Dr Bruce Wilkinson, will visit George and Mossel Bay on 5, 6 and 7 September. This will also be the last time Wilkinson will be touring South Africa to address audiences.

The world renowned Teach Every Nation (Ten) was founded by Wilkinson as the culmination of four decades of proven global ministry and training 'best practices'.

The Garden Route can look forward to three opportunities to share in Wilkinson's wisdom and to take away food for the soul.

It is safe to say that Wilkinson will undoubtedly inspire audiences during this visit to the Garden Route. He will be the keynote speaker at a breakfast that will be hosted for the business community at the Oubaai Hotel on 6 September at 07:30 for 08:00.

Funds raised at this event will go towards Bible School on Wheels.

For more information contact Althi on 076 486 4632.
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GARDEN ROUTE NEWS - The Garden Route SPCA is alarmed by the increasing number of pit bull terriers attacking people and wants the public to be educated about the nature of this controversial breed. "The public needs to be educated about this power breed," said senior SPCA inspector Salomé Bruyns.

"Most pit bulls in the townships are kept illegally chained or caged, which makes even a docile dog aggressive and territorial. Dogs are naturally territorial animals and when they are confined to a small space, this instinct is enhanced and they become neurotic, anxious and aggressive," she said. "For everyone's safety, we are forced to humanely euthanise any pit bull that wounds a person seriously."

The original American pit bull terrier was selectively bred to fight dogs but also to be compatible with people. Irresponsible breeding has led to some pit bulls being dangerous to humans. Selective breeding involves choosing some natural attributes of the animals; innate behaviours that give the animal satisfaction and pleasure through the release of 'feel-good' hormones and endorphins, which trigger euphoric feelings.

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Friends of George 30 August 2018

Come and join us for a 'buzz over coffee' at Blues Caffe! Bring your marketing materials, business cards or samples! Show us what you do and where you are. Its free to join us for the morning and its free marketing for yourself!!!

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NATIONAL NEWS - A Centurion fire that has been burning since Saturday evening will take days before it is completely put out, Tshwane emergency services said on Sunday afternoon.

Spokesperson Johan Pieterse said personnel from two fire stations had been on site in Sunderland Ridge since Saturday night to ensure the fire did not spread to another stack of tyres about 20 metres away, Centurion Rekord reports.

“The emergency services team will remain on site until the fire, which is likely to burn for a number of days, is completely out, while the environment and agriculture management team will monitor the impact of air pollution at the Pretoria West air quality monitoring station.

“These tyres are stored in an open field to be used as a rifle shooting range.”

He said the cause of the fire was subject to investigation, and that the metro’s environment and agriculture management department would also investigate the legality of storing tyres on such a site.

Pieterse said the intensity of the fire as well as the limited access to water in the area posed a challenge to their work.

“This is the second time we’ve had a fire in this area. We had one about a year and two months ago.”
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A C T I V E Networking at its best......!

This is your friendly invitation to the great next "buzz over coffee" on Thursday 23 August 2018 at 10:00 with all the - friendsofgeorge - do come and join us. Come and promote yourself, your product and your business. It's your free publicity!

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VAT and fuel price hikes

The unneccessary burden on South African pockets

It has been a bumpy ride for South Africans thus far. In the stint of less than a year, we've seen and experienced a lot. From the euphoric developments like the unseating of a despised president to the first positive Cabinet reshuffle in almost a decade, but then the depressing surprises of a VAT increase and weighty consecutive fuel price increases.

Particularly, the negative one of fuel prices has stirred much anger while catapulting the poor into deeper pockets, with an unfazed government of corrupt delinquents plundering scores from the heaps of tax raked from the people.

The price of petrol stood at a considerate R6.92 in July 2008 and increased exponentially to R15.53 in July 2018 at the coast, and from R7.16 to R16.02 inland – nearly tripling in the last decade translating into a whopping 124. 42% and 123.74% respectively.

Reason for the price hikes? External factors, they claim.

Actually, these external factors such as oil prices and a weak Rand shouldn't be too much of a problem. Some of our neighbouring countries source their petrol from South African-based SASOL, yet, on average, sell fuel around R5 cheaper than the price in the manufacturing country!

Instead of further burdening a financially strapped nation with exorbitent fuel prices and a VAT increase, government should have explored other methods to garner the defecit.

1. Reduce the size of our ridiculously large cabinet

It is no secret that the incompetent cabinet President Cyril Ramaphosa inheritted from Jacob Zuma costs South Africans a prodigious amount totalling nearly a billion Rand, R720 million to be precise.

Getting rid of all unneccessary departments through merging should actually be one of President Ramaphosa's top priorities. Here are millions to be saved, but elitist favour demands otherwise.

2. Reduce the almost useless levies

Most parastatals were infested by the pervasive network of Gupta-brokered corruption and are now going through the consequences.
In particular, the Road Accident Fund has failed. It bites a chunk of R1.93, yet financially it continues to hover in the red with contingent liabilities amounting close to R190 BILLION!

Much of the company's income has been unaccounted for, leaving us all to wonder whether it's worth to continue contributing to something clearly lacking credibility and accountability.

The fuel levy has a similar negative story to tell. Where are all those billions? Why don't we see the benefits?

3. Do away with government-regulated prices

I recently read an interesting article by Martin van Staden of the Free Market Foundation who proposed a good way to force the prices of our fuel down by enabling competition in the industry.

This, he writes, is normal in most countries except South Africa. For instance, in the United States a consumer can drive just a few kilometers more and fill up for less, which obviously forces other companies to lower their prices to win customers.

4. #TakeBackTheTax

This is a new campaign that could effect the return of BILLIONS if its calls are heeded by top ranking officials in the government.

It has revealed that around R7 BILLION are lost to illicit trade of cigarrettes. A lot could be done with this money, and again, government just prefers the easy way to raise funds instead.

That said, let's wait for government to heed our calls. Hopefully it isn't too much to ask to be relieved from fuel price increases and a VAT increase meant to make us pay for money that was stolen from our own pockets.

Biltong Warehouse & Nuts - George

Biltong & Nuts
The Biltong Warehouse & Nuts Address: Knysna Rd, Eastern Extension, George, 6529, South Africa City of Western Cape Post Office box: 1641, George, 6530 Phone number: 044 871 1892,, Fax: 044 873 6113


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