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WHO ARE THE "friendsofgeorge"

friendsofgeorge is a formidable group of people from varying walks of life, from housewives and retired gentry to earnest entrepreneurs and top executives. Our primary objective is to enhance the economic  viability of George by the establishment of a business initiative forum to safe guard our business fraternity. Through frequent networking functions, and an informative and interactive website are we able to connect with one another, supporting each other in our businesses, our social and cultural activities and even day to day living.
Furthermore through friendsofgeorge, we are able to take an active part in addressing social needs in our city with mentoring support groups for young entrepreneurs from the disadvantaged sectors of our community. In addition we are able to support several local charity organizations and are involved with some exciting fund raising projects. We are a group of men and women living in and around George who are proud of our beautiful city with its many faces.

This is our Eden where we work and live, where we bring up our children in a safe and relaxed environment, where people still have time for one another and for others.  We recognize that as citizens of George, we are all custodians of our beautiful city and must take responsibility for our extraordinary heritage.  Collectively through friendsofgeorge, we have the clout and know-how to be an effective part of ensuring the future of our community as well as the protection of our precious natural resources. We are passionate about our city and through friendsofgeorge we are able be an integral part of protecting George's treasure chest of natural beauty, our dams, rivers, beaches, mountains, flora and fauna.
Membership to friendsofgeorge offers you a wealth of benefits.  In the regular networking functions you will have opportunity to meet your fellow Friends and promote and advertise your business: You are able to have a page on our website clearly defining your business: By introducing a new Friend, you will become a Best Buddy¹ and earn commission; You will be able to enjoy discounts at selected shops and restaurants: Participate in fund raising efforts and simply enjoy fun events: Be involved in various community projects and charitable organizations: Become a champion for our city and guard its beauty and resources. Get involved now!




The Cattle Baron

The Cattle Baron in George
Address: Shop 20, Eden Meander Lifestyle Center Next to the Garden Route Mall 118 Park Str, George, 6530, South Africa Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–10PM  Tel 044 887 0505


Harcourts - George



York Street Liquors

York Street Liquors


Herbalife - George -

Biltong Warehouse & Nuts - George

Biltong & Nuts
The Biltong Warehouse & Nuts Address: Knysna Rd, Eastern Extension, George, 6529, South Africa City of Western Cape Post Office box: 1641, George, 6530 Phone number: 044 871 1892,, Fax: 044 873 6113


EDEN Paints - George

HerbaZone - George

HerbaZone - George

John Dory's George

John Dory's George'
Shop 19 - Eden Meander George - Western Cape -  044 887 0334 John Dory’s is a Family, Seafood, Sushi & Grill. Open 08h00 to 09h30.
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Deaths from bites are rare despite Australia being home to 20 of the world's 25 most venomous snakes
INTERNATIONAL LIFESTYLE NEWS - An Australian nurse has spoken about how he survived a bite from one of the world's deadliest snakes by using medical training to instruct his rescuers as he passed in and out of consciousness.

Christian Wright, 33, was bitten on his foot by a brown snake at the bottom of a gorge in a remote part of Karijini National Park some 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) north of Perth in Western Australia last month.

"I looked at my foot, there was no puncture marks. No blood, no swelling, no nothing," Wright told commercial broadcaster Channel Seven Saturday.

"I started losing my vision. I knew I was going to pass out."

The hospital midwife shouted to his friend Alex Chia, who caught him as he passed out.

"His eyes were rolling back in his head, he was shaking and sweating, and then he went totally limp and heavy," Chia told The West Australian newspaper.

"We were down a deep gorge, 30 metres (100 feet) tall, there was no one in sight. The hardest part was being in front of his lifeless body."

A nearby Austrian couple heard their cries for help and called emergency services with their satellite phone as they tended to Wright's leg using his own instructions.

"I was just coming and going. I started getting really agitated as the neurotoxins started getting to my head, I was writhing all over the place and yelling out from the pain in my head," Wright told The West Australian.

A ranger was the first to arrive at the scene, followed by paramedics and other rescuers.

But Wright's ordeal was not yet over, with the ranger having to enlist the help of 20 nearby tourists to carry the nurse out of the challenging terrain on a stretcher while keeping his head above his legs.

It took more than an hour to carry him to an ambulance before he was driven to a hospital some 75 kilometres away and given anti-venom to counter the poison.

Brown snakes, whose bite is often painless, are known as nervous reptiles that strike with little hesitation.

Deaths from bites are rare despite Australia being home to 20 of the world's 25 most venomous snakes.

According to official estimates there are about 3,000 snakebite cases in Australia every year, with 300-500 needing anti-venom treatment. Only an average of two a year prove fatal.
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How to find a home in a new city

PROPERTY NEWS - Moving to a new city can be an incredibly exciting prospect, but it also comes with its challenges – like finding a place to live. Finding a great property to rent or buy in a place you know well is tricky enough… where do you even start when you’re moving to a city you barely know?

“A lot of South Africans are facing exactly this challenge at the moment, with semigration at an all-time high,” says Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group. “It’s certainly stressful packing up your life and heading into unfamiliar territory, but that’s no reason to be cornered into bad property decisions that could affect you for years to come.”

So how do you make sure your decisions are the right ones? Clarke suggests asking yourself these questions as a start:

Do I want to rent or buy?
“In most cases, a short-term rental while you get comfortable with your new job and a new city is a smart idea,” says Clarke, “but there is a case to be made for buying if you have the financial means to do so.”

According to Clarke, buying an entry-level home in your new city can be a great way to establish a secure home base from day one, with the bonus of becoming an income-earning investment if you rent it out when you’re ready to move on.

“Starter homes and sectional title properties typically appreciate faster than their luxury counterparts, achieve better rental returns and often have lower maintenance responsibilities,” says Clarke. “That makes them ideal as relatively affordable entry-level investments that can double up as a place to live while you get settled in your new city.”

Clarke does warn against buying a home with the intention of selling again in the near future, however.

“You need to be willing to hang on to a property for at least five to ten years to recoup your investment,” he explains. “If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, or are worried that you may not be making a well-informed purchase decision, a rental property is a safer idea.”

Do I need to be close to certain areas for work or school?
Choosing a neighbourhood in an unfamiliar city is always tricky, but Clarke suggests narrowing your options down by charting your likely commute every day.

“If you look at where you’re going to be working, shopping, or sending your kids to school, certain suburbs will likely stand out as particularly central or convenient,” he says. “I’d recommend getting in touch with a few neighbourhood real estate or rental agents who can then advise you on options in your price range, or guide you to alternative areas that better suit your desired lifestyle.”

Clarke also suggests doing an online search of potential suburbs to get information on things like community groups and crime statistics.

“A lot of neighbourhoods have websites or Facebook groups these days, which give fantastic insights into the type of community you’d be joining,” he says. “It’s a great way to get the inside scoop on your potential ‘hood’, and even make a few local friends before the big move.”

Can I trust my estate or rental agency?
“Unless you can afford to spend some time in your new town before you move, you may have to decide where to live based on nothing more than your agent’s recommendations and some photographs of the property,” says Clarke. “If that’s the case, you’ll want to be one hundred percent certain that your agent is reliable, honest, and has your best interests at heart.”

To set your mind at ease, Clarke recommends opting for an experienced agent from a reputable brand, preferably with contactable references in your new city.

“Remember, most national brands can assist with referrals, so you can always pop into your local franchise and ask for recommendations,” he says. “It’s a great way to make sure your new agent is held to the same professional standards that you’ve come to expect from those in your hometown.”
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Shell Kraaibosch's excellent service earns award on global front
Morné Strauss at Shell's Smiling Stars Global event in Dubai with the Shell Global Gold Sites of the Year 2017 award earned by the dedicated Shell Kraaibosch staff.
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GEORGE BUSINESS NEWS - The Shell Kraaibosch Service Station is elated after being named one of Shell's Global Gold Sites of the Year 2017. Owner Morné Strauss received the award at Shell's Smiling Stars Global event held in Dubai.

This is no mean feat, since 45 000 filling stations take part in the annual judging to determine the top sites. Judging is done by a mystery marker who visits every filling station four times a year to mark them according to international Shell standards. It forms part of Shell's "People Make the Difference Real" programme.

The international award follows Shell Kraaibosch being named (for the third consecutive year) as South African Gold Site of the Year (2017), a title that is granted to the top 10 South African filling stations out of 650.

"We are over the moon to be also one of the top sites internationally. It is a big honour and it motivates everyone in the team to keep up the excellent work," said Strauss.

He said high service levels are prerequisite in order to be considered for a Gold Site award. "We do not know who the mystery marker is and when he or she is coming, so the marks are a true reflection of the service of our employees. They are really dedicated to delivering top-notch service."

24-hour convenience shopping
Shell Kraaibosch is a convenience destination that offers a 24-hour filling station, 24-hour Spar Express with a Bean Tree Café, Steers, and ATMs of all four major banks. The Spar Express offers the same variety as the Super Spar, from quality meat to a large variety of foodstuffs.

Address: Garden Route Mall intersection, Knysna Road

Contact: 044 887 0480

'We bring you the latest George, Garden Route news'
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“Live in Style with Old School Perfection™"

Classic Paints Opens under New Ownership
Classic Paints new address in 96 Meade Street at the Big Green Building.

BUSINESS NEWS - Supporters and business affiliates attended the opening of Classic Paints (Pty) at their new premises in 96 Meade Street, on Thursday 7 June. The Classic Paints brand was established on 1 March 1985. In 1995 it was decided that the only way to become competitive was to manufacture its own brand of paint.

The name Classic Paints very soon grew into a household name within the Southern Cape area. In January 2018 Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd obtained the intellectual property rights and formulations of the Classic Paints brand and is now continuing the legacy.

Classic Paints (Pty) Ltd. is the manufacturer and retailer of High Quality, Affordable & Reliable paint. This includes, but is not limited to Exterior and Interior paints such as: Satin Sheen, High Cover PVA, Super Acrylic, Roof Paints, Enamel, Classiseal, Classiguard, Wood Varnishes, Lacquers, Industrial Paint and Luxor Driven Automotive Paints.

We offer technical advice as well as colour tinting and matching. With these top quality products, a surface will still look as good as new ten years after it has been painted, saving our the customer time and money. Classic Paints is good value for money.

With Classic Paints now located in George, the brand is sure to go a long way. Contact Classic Paints for all your painting solutions on 044 873 4750 or visit their shop at 96 Meade Street.
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Protest action in Plettenberg Bay has resulted in various road closures.

PLETTENBERG BAY NEWS - Most of the protest-related fires in the Plettenberg Bay area have been extinguished.

Additional members of the Public Order Police have arrived in Plett to stabilise the situation.

Residents have been protesting in the area since Monday. The protest action is related to housing issues.

The N2 at the footbridge and the entrance to Crags is closed.

Motorists entering or exiting Plett (towards Knysna) have been redirected via Airport Road

According to Bitou Public Safety, the toll gates at Tsitsikamma have been closed. No vehicles - from Port Elizabeth-side or Plettenberg Bay-side - can pass through the toll gates.

Bitou Mayor, Peter Lobese will be addressing the protestors at 13:00 on the N2.
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