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Welcome to friendsofgeorge - Networking at its best....!
Wednesday, May 24 2017 @ 12:39 am SAST

- friendsofgeorge - For Active Networking that works.

- friendsofgeorge - For ACTIVE Networking that works...!
Please enjoy this part of your working day with us…!!!

WHO ARE THE friendsofgeorge - friendsofgeorge is a formidable group of people from varying walks of life, from housewives and retired gentry to earnest entrepreneurs and top executives. Our primary objective is to enhance the economic & viability of George by the establishment of a business initiative forum to safe guard our business fraternity. Through frequent networking functions, and an informative and interactive website are we able to connect with one another, supporting each other in our businesses, our social and cultural activities and even day to day living. Furthermore through friendsofgeorge, we are able to take an active part in addressing social needs in our city with mentoring support groups for young entrepreneurs from the disadvantaged sectors of our community. In addition we are able to support several local charity organizations and are involved with some exciting fund raising projects. We are a group of men and women living in and around George who are proud of our beautiful city with its many faces.

This is our Eden where we work and live, where we bring up our children in a safe and relaxed environment, where people still have time for one another and for others.  We recognize that as citizens of George, we are all custodians of our beautiful city and must take responsibility for our extraordinary heritage.  Collectively through friendsofgeorge, we have the clout and know- how to be an effective part of ensuring the future of our community as well as the protection of our precious natural resources. We are passionate about our city and through friendsofgeorge we are able be an integral part of protecting George's treasure chest of natural beauty, our dams, rivers, beaches, mountains, flora and fauna Membership to friendsofgeorge offers you a wealth of benefits. In the regular networking functions you will have opportunity to meet your fellow Friends and promote and advertise your business: You are able to have a page on our website clearly defining your business: By introducing a new Friend, you will become a Best Buddy and earn commission; You will be able to enjoy discounts at selected shops and restaurants: Participate in fund raising efforts and simply enjoy fun events: Be involved in various community projects and charitable organizations: Become a champion for our city and guard its beauty and resources. Get involved now !

GEORGE - GARDEN ROUTE - WESTERN CAPE - SOUTH AFRICA - affiliated to friendsofgeorge For more information


Herbalife - George -

Biltong Warehouse & Nuts - George

Biltong & Nuts
The Biltong Warehouse & Nuts Address: Knysna Rd, Eastern Extension, George, 6529, South Africa City of Western Cape Post Office box: 1641, George, 6530 Phone number: 044 871 1892,, Fax: 044 873 6113


EDEN Paints - George

HerbaZone - George

HerbaZone - George

John Dory's George

John Dory's George'
Shop 19 - Eden Meander George - Western Cape -  044 887 0334 John Dory’s is a Family, Seafood, Sushi & Grill. Open 08h00 to 09h30.
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ACTIVE Networking at its best...!

- friendsofgeorge - This is your invitation to Active Networking at - JOHN DORY'S

Date : Thursday 04 May 2017
Time : 09h45 for 10h00
Dress : Working clothes

ACTIVE Networking at it's best - come and experience it first hand...

"friendsofgeorge" has been ACTIVE in George for close to 15 years with a
signed up membership close to 1'600 businesses. Our Networking sessions
are absolutely free with no pressure to join. You can attend every
Network and come and display your product. We will give you the
opportunity to introduce yourself your product and yourself. We Network
every Thursday morning at 10h00 at one of our members premises. You will
be allowed to keep your cell switched on so that you can be in touch
with your office at all times. The "friends" would love to meet you. See

IMPORTANT: The new "friends" website is up and running - please can the
members send me your artwork for your add to artwork@friendsofgeorge.co.za.
ASAP Please. Thanks Rocky. ( 300px wide and up to 600px high.)

For more information please visit our website at the following link:

or mail us on info@friendsofgeorge.co.za

Kind Regards

076 135 5955

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John Dory's George

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This is your invitation to great ACTIVE Networking.

Please join the friends as we introduce our businesses, our selves and our products. It's free...! Please come and meet the "friendsofgeorge"... ! We would love to get to know you.....!

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Networking at it's best...!

Come and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with the "friends" at this "lovely" venue.....! Experience the tranquility that only nature can give you as we build relationships with like-minded business people. Networking is not about sales but about marketing yourself, your company and your product. If you do this right sales will follow automatically. We give you this opportunity absolutely FREE!!!

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Networking at it's best with theFriends of George

This is your invitation to great Networking..... our Networking sessions are free..... Please come and join us at McDonalds on Thursday morning at 10h00. You are most welcome......!

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